Do It Yourself: Trendy Metal Plate Belt

metal belt

These amazingly chic metal accessories have now made cinching your waist with a belt fashionable again. I’ve been spotting different versions all over the runway and on fashion blogs but this D.I.Y. is by far one of the cutest YSL or Givenchy alternatives around –plus it can be completed in 15 minuets!


  • Flexible but sturdy Brass plate
  • Ribbon of your color choice (I suggest black or white)
  • Glue
  • Sandpaper (only if you’re interested in dulling the edges)

Step one: Measure your ribbon and brass plate to fit your body in the desired way. Lay the ribbon flat and apply a generous amount of glue.

Step two: Place brass plate onto the ribbon and press down to secure all of the materials. You may need to use clips to keep the ribbon in it’s proper place. House hold items such as hair clips, (bobby pins or metal clasps) or clothing clips will do the trick.

Step three: Allow to dry for the suggested time on the label of your glue bottle. Once it dries you are all set!


Images from Glitter and Glue!

I love how simple this is. Definitely go take a peek at the blog, every tutorial is undeniably perfect.



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