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Art: Anti-photography by London Artist Stephen Calcutt

Stephen Calcutt has uncovered a new way to capture photos that look like paintings. And not in the way you're thinking. These photos bypass the photoshop rituals of blurring and distorting by utilizing the lens of public transportation.

Calcutt describes the process to Creative Boom as being anti-photo:

"I fix my camera onto the etched lines and generally put the view beyond out of focus. I then enhance the image by merging everything. Some are more abstract than others, and at first glance they can look like paintings. I love the way they are almost anti-photo."Ā 

The series, Bus Stop, is scheduled to show at the London Art Biennate 20017 from March 29th to April 2nd. Scrolling through Bus Stop, you're sure to witness severalĀ elements of photorealism (that genre that questions: Is it a painting or photograph?) I find myself squinting at a few trying to see through to the fuzzy background. It's an instinctual reaction to Calcutt's use of color and depth of field. Like him, I admire the imperfection of it all.

"I've yet to see any of these etchings that look great in their own right. I also feel a window's full potential as a clear barrier between yourself and the elements is compromised when the view beyond is obscured, distorted and blurred by the scratches." -Ā Calcutt, Creative Boom Ā 


View the entire series at www.stephencalcutt.comĀ or Purchase artwork atĀ saatchiart.com/steve.calcutt.

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