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Art: New Orleans Unfiltered, photography by Akasha Rabut

The spirit of New Orleans is urban majestic and a living nod to black history. It's rituals of voodoo and dancing in the street are recognized as common practice in an era that is littered with appropriation, yet seems to respect the originality of Louisiana's infamous city. As a result, it's culture is left in tact and unwatered. Akasha Rabut's ongoing project captures this essence and it is well worth your attention.   From AkashaRabut.com: "Akasha Rabut is a photographer based in New Orleans, La and New York City, NY. She has a BFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute. Some of Akasha's clients include J. Cole, Nike, Aritzia, Bare Essentials and  Budweiser.  She has been published in Vogue, ESPN The Magazine, Bust Magazine, Beautiful Decay, Next American City, Feature Shoot and Juxtapose.  Her work was most recently highlighted in Luna Press' anthology Inventing Reality." Not all pictures are worth a thousand words, but there are some that are. For example, this entire series. Take it in for yourself. Interpreting not only through the eyes of the photographer, but your inner knowledge of community. Why don't more cities come together in celebration of local rituals? Cheers to New Orleans ability to keep originality alive. And to Akasha Rabut's ability to capture a thousand words in one frame. You inspire us.

 View more from this ongoing project at akasharabut.com (It's definitely worth your time)

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