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Music: Pine & Ginger, A Calypso/Dancehall Banger by Tessellated & Amindi k. Fro$t

Recently, recording label Film Noir shared a new track produced by Valleyz called Pine & Ginger that will have you vibing and whining like its the early 2000s.   Tessellated, Amindi k. Fro$t, and Valleyz have an impressive catalogue of tunes floating around the internet, "Pine & Ginger", the latest track to hit soundcloud has already gained over 100,000 plays in 3 days. Individually, Tessellated, Fro$t and Valleyz have the skill to glow on their own. 


Producers have become artists in their own right, putting out chart topping projects such as Kaytranada's 99.9% and from Valleyz fanbase on soundcloud, it seems completely within his reach.  The vocalists on this track are Amindi k. Fro$t and Tessellated. Both offer a cool soulful sound with neo-soul influences that would mesh well with tunes by Erykah Badu, Kali Uchis, or Masego. Not that they need comparisons, but I imagine we'll be hearing about their career moves for a while. Tesselated, the self-proclaimed psychedelic hero from Kingston, Jamaica, is responsible for a number of Jazz-hall tracks worth vibing to,--making it clear who's responsible for this Calypso/Dancehall banger. "Pine & Ginger" ...It's the jam

through the end of summer '17.

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